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What Is A HVAC/Furnace Filter Certification Standard?

HVAC/Furnace Filters that are certified asthma & allergy friendly® are tested to the ASP:08- 03/101 Air Cleaner Certification Standard.

The Certification Standard utilizes an algorithm of proprietary and recognized scientific techniques to assess HVAC/Furnace Filters for their ability to remove allergen from the air flow. Submitted HVAC/Furnace Filter models that pass certification testing are granted a certificate stating that the particular filter meets the requirements for the asthma & allergy friendly® ASP:08-03/101 Certification Standard.

The asthma & allergy friendly® certification mark is awarded to those HVAC/Furnace Filter products that have been scientifically demonstrated to contribute to the goals of allergen reduction.

The HVAC/Furnace Filter Certification Standard includes:
(a) Evaluation of the capability of the filter to remove allergens from the air flow in a defined space.
(b) Evaluation of the fiber shedding potential of the filter
(c) Evaluation of seals

All certified asthma & allergy friendly® HVAC/Furnace Filters are associated with a unique certification code.

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