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What Is A Humidifier Certification Standard?

Humidifiers that are Certified asthma & allergy friendly® are tested to the ASP:18-01/101 Humidifier Certification Standard.

The Certification process uses proprietary and recognized scientific techniques to assess Humidifiers for their capacity to contribute to the goal of thermal comfort without adversely affecting indoor air quality. Product samples that pass Certification testing are granted a Certificate stating that the particular Humidifier meets the requirements for the asthma & allergy friendly® ASP:18-01/101 Certification Standard.

The Humidifier standard includes evaluation of the:
(a) capabilityofhumidifierstoachieveandmaintainsetrelativehumiditylevels
(b) capacityofhumidifierstosanitizethewaterusedduringoperation
(c) effect of humidifiers on pre-existing contamination in the room in which they are operated

All Certified asthma & allergy friendly® Humidifiers are associated with a unique certification code.

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