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ASL’s Chief Strategy Officer attends the Greenbuild Conference and Expo

This week, Dr. John Ryan, ASL’s Chief Strategy Officer will be attending the 2017 Greenbuild International Conference and Expo in Boston. It is a great opportunity for Allergy Standards to meet with top leaders of the green building sector and bring our professional insight on how to improve indoor air quality. 

John Ryan will attend the seminars and the plenaries that will take place during the event and will thus be able to interact directly with all the other attendees including architects, engineers, developers, government agencies, green building thought leaders, building owners, interior designers and sustainability officers.

“I’m delighted to attend the Greenbuild Conference & Expo in Boston. It’s an amazing opportunity to interact with some of the leaders in the green building area as we continue to help our clients innovate and develop products that will improve the health and the well- being of their customers.” John Ryan, ASL’s Chief Strategy Officer

ASL addresses the growing trend towards healthier living by creating scientific standards to test a variety of consumer products and services. Products & Services which pass testing can then utilise the Certification Mark  to show consumers the high standard they have achieved. The Certification Mark asthma & allergy friendly is now recognized throughout the world as a trusted independent verifier, demonstrating that Certified products & services truly are a better choice for people suffering from asthma and allergies. As a matter of fact, the PureSafety® insulation product made by Owens Corning, that passed the ASL scientific standards this year,  was awarded as a Top Pick innovation 2017 by Home Depot


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