Nohara Mrowskowski

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Nohara Mrowskowski

Nohara MrowskowskiAccountant

Aiming for new challenges, Nohara has moved to Ireland to improve and learn English. Holder of a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration, adaptable and fast learner, she has worked with companies in different segments and teams, as well as directly with clients in many situations for over twelve years.

Passionate about business operations and everything that involves finance, she got a job with an Accountancy Firm and later joined ASL team in March 2019 working as a Bookkeeper. These positions lead her to seek a career in this area.

Nohara has a degree in Business Administration from UNIDAVI, Brazil, and now has a degree in Accounting and Finance from Griffith College, Ireland. With over 12 years of professional experience working with companies in different segments and teams, she is always looking for new and better ways to do routine tasks and her attitude is guided by prudence and thoroughness.